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Im trying to include customer name in newsletter subscription success page. But I couldnt include customer name.

I have tried following variables in email template without successful. Im using magento

{{var customer.name}}
{{htmlescape var=$customer.name}}
{{var subscriber.name}}
{{htmlescape var=$customer.firstname}}
{{var subscriber.CustomerFirstname}}
{{var subscriber.getCustomerFirstname()}}
{{var subscriber.getSubscriberFullName()}} 
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You use Magento 1.7 (thats what is see in the tags) correct?

May be this will help you: How to add firstname and lastname in magento newsletter subscription?

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You can get customer name by:

Rewriting a class Mage_Newsletter_Model_Subscriber with your class.

Rewriting a function sendConfirmationSuccessEmail() in which you can get customer by:

    $customer = Mage::getModel('customer/customer');

and then assign variable 'customer' to email template

        array('subscriber'=>$this, 'customer'=>$customer)

- In newsletter_subscr_success.html you will have

   {{var customer.firstname}} {{var customer.lastname}}

or whatever you need from customer.

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