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I have a Table structure as

Empid Int,
EmpName Nvarchar,
Salary Numeric(18,2),

I have Function which take 2 Argument. as :

ALTER Function [dbo].[GetTotalPrice] 
@Salary int,
@DeptNumber int
Declare @TotalSalary int
Select @TotalSalary=@Salary+@DeptNumber 
return @TotalSalary

And my Query is how should i develop a Stored procedure Which takes Each salary and DeptNumber in a Stored Procedure and send that to function and calculate a new Salary. i have tried developing several SP, but could not get any possible solution.

ALTER Proc [dbo].[S7] 
Declare @salary int
Declare @DeptNo int
Select EmpId,EmpName, @salary=salary,@DeptNo=DeptNumber,Salary=dbo.GetTotalPrice(@salary,@DeptNo) 
from dbo.EmpInf

When i tried executing the above code it give the following error:

A SELECT statement that assigns a value to a variable must not be combined with data-retrieval operations.
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You are using the same SELECT to put data in the variables and returning a result set from the Stored Procedure, you can't do both in the same statement.

ALTER Proc [dbo].[S7] 
Select EmpId,EmpName, Salary=dbo.GetTotalPrice(salary,DeptNumber) from dbo.EmpInf
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Sir in this case of running 2 t-Sql,the Salary Column contain the sum of the last column of Salary and deptnumber of a table –  Abhishek gupta Nov 29 '12 at 11:46
thanks sir, it works now –  Abhishek gupta Nov 29 '12 at 11:53
Yes, I had just separated variable assignation and result SELECTs, I edited my answer and removed the variables, if you need to use these variable in another command you will need a cursor to iterate in every row. –  Philipi Willemann Nov 29 '12 at 11:53

try this

 Select EmpId,EmpName,  
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The error is clear, you can combine the two

Declare @salary int
Declare @DeptNo int,
   @EmpId int, @EmpName varchar(50),
   @Salary int

Select @EmpId=EmpId, @EmpName=EmpName, @salary=salary,@DeptNo=DeptNumber,@Salary=dbo.GetTotalPrice(1000,'XXX') 
from dbo.EmpInf

Select @EmpId As EmpID, @EmpName As EmpName, @Salary As Salary


Select EmpID, EmpName, Salary, dbo.GetTotalPrice(1000,'XXX') from dbo.EmpInf

You can combine the two, having the @XXX and XXX in the same Select query.

You either do Select @X = value FROM table OR Select value From Table, not both

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Sir, using the concept above. My Sp return only the computed last row of the table. –  Abhishek gupta Nov 29 '12 at 11:51

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