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I have a script which :

  1. Loads an rtc workspace
  2. Checks in a file to the workspace

The checked in file is not being reflected within 'pending changes'. Is there a hook I need to configure (or some other method) so that any changes made using the scm tool are reflected on the rtc client ?

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It will be reflect in the "Pending changes" view only if:

  • the local workspace has been loaded (attached to the repo workspace to which your script has checked in a file: it should be the same local workspace)
  • you refresh the "Pending changes" view, asking to refresh "Remotes and local changes", or to refresh directly the right local workspace)


(from "Using the RTC Eclipse client with other Tools")

From that thread, it seems the "Pending changes" view only refreshed automatically for remote changes:

The Pending Changes view should already refresh itself automatically when your Eclipse client receives RSS feed events reporting there are new incoming change sets.

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If you're using the RTC 4.0 Eclipse client on Windows, it might help to enable "Preferences > Team > Jazz Source Control > Local Changes > Automatically detect changes".

See "Rational Team Concert 4.0 "New and Noteworthy""


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Interesting to know, a good complement to my answer. +1 – VonC Nov 30 '12 at 14:47

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