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I just started playing around with Azure platform. I tried to upload a simple application to Azure cloud to see how it works. For that I m using Eclipse Indigo and the eclipse plug-in for Azure. However I get the following error while publishing to the cloud: " Filed uploading deployment package (.cspkg)" I searched aroudn and I see that other people have the same problem.

The size of the application is 382MB !!!!! I guess that s why I Get this error. However why is the size that large?I only have a hello world app with one .jsp file. When running to the emulator I point to the server installation that I want to use. Is afterwards the whole installation being uploaded to the cloud while publishing? Even in this case , I use Tomcat which is about 50 MB? Where are the rest 230Mb coming from ? How can i reduce the size of my app? I d also like to know whether the Eclipse plug-in for Azure is supported by Eclipse Indigo. I read on the Azure site that Eclipse Helios is required.

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