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What is the syntax to retrieve data from a list inside a for loop in formula editor? I have written something like this but it is showing an error. Can anyone correct it?

Local NumberVar i;
Local NumberVar intCount := Count({FOODMASTER.FOOD_SORT});
For i := 1 to intCount Do
 If (i = 1) Then     
 Else If (i > 1) Then            
 Exit For;

 i := i + 1;


Where {FOODMASTER.FOOD_SORT} is of data type int and {TMPMONTHLYDETAIL.TMP_QTY} is decimal.

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What is the error? – HelloW Nov 29 '12 at 16:38

This code doesn't really make a whole lot of sense logically, never mind the syntax. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You may need to rethink things a bit, but here are some things to get you started:

  1. You don't need to manually increment i as the for-loop does it for you with a default step of 1.
  2. You say {TMPMONTHLYDETAIL.TMP_QTY} is numeric, not an array or a string, so you cannot reference it via {TMPMONTHLYDETAIL.TMP_QTY}[i].
  3. Your for-loop doesn't actually do anything useful. At the start of the loop you do i:=1 and then immediately check to see if i=1, otherwise you just exit the loop. The whole loop can be removed and reduced to just returning {TMPMONTHLYDETAIL.TMP_QTY}[1].
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