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I have domain class like this:

Base {
    filed filed11

Super extends Base{
    Right filed2

Supers extends Base{
    Left filed2

and I want to do something like this:

from Base b 
  left join Super as s 
    with = where s.field2.isOk == true

The question is: how can join super class with base clase in one query ? Beacuse my query not works.

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Where is the question? – janisz Nov 29 '12 at 12:29

A join is needed to go from one entity to another, associated entity. You don't have any association here: Super extends Base. It's inheritance, and thus Super is a Base.

from Super s where s.field2.isOK == true

To explain with an analogy:

You don't ask "Give me all the clothes having a Shoe with shoelaces". You ask "Give me all the shoes with shoelaces". Because a Clothe doesn't have a Shoe (and vice versa). Shoe is a Clothe.

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