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I have a table with columns id, name, created_date. I need to get out put like

Years count_of_name_created

2010 10

2012 9

And son on. Right now I have done with two queries, But I need it in single query.

Thanks in advance......

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TRy this ::

Select YEAR(logged_date), count(1)
from my_table group by YEAR(logged_date) order by count(1) desc
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Thanks sashi kant, it's working ....... –  jakeer Nov 29 '12 at 12:58
You are most welcome @jakeer...:-) –  Sashi Kant Nov 29 '12 at 12:59

Given that created_date is of type DateTime you could do this:

SELECT YEAR(created_date) AS Year, COUNT(id) FROM userTable GROUP BY YEAR(created_date);

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This MySQL query should work

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(created_date, '%Y') as 'year', COUNT(id) as 'total'
FROM users
GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(created_date, '%Y')

see also this qeustion

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Note that while the above answers are valid, if you have a month where nothing is created you will land up with a missing row rather than a row with a count of 0 (which makes a mess of graphs!). You can use a table of integers (ie, one column, 10 rows with the values 0 to 9) cross joined against itself a few times to get a range of numbers, and add this as the month to a start date to get a list of months. And join that against your query to get the counts (giving you months with a count of 0 when there are no matching records).

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you mean a year where nothing is created. But OP wants it in created order, not date order so shouldn't be a problem –  mcalex Nov 29 '12 at 12:33
Yes, year. Although order is not specified by the OP. True they may be happy with gaps. –  Kickstart Nov 29 '12 at 12:48

Fully according to spec:

Select YEAR(created_date) as Years, 
       count(name) as count_of_name_created
from <table_name> 
group by YEAR(created_date) 
order by count(name) desc;
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