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I know that a circular request would cause a deadlock, but I am wondering if the following would also cause a deadlock...

Resource Graph

I am unclear but I also thought that if "A failure or inability to proceeed due to two or more programs/processes both requiring a response from the other before completing an operation"

Would this mean that if both Process 2 and Process 4 need R7 this is going to cause a deadlock? (Same for resource R5 and R4 being requested by multiple processes)

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The simplest deadlock graph, to use the notation in your picture, is when two process each require the same two resources. For example, if in your example process P2 depended upon resource R5, there's possibility for deadlock. Suppose that both P2 and P4 each request both R7 and R5, that P2 locks R7 and P4 locks R5. Then P2 is waiting for R5 and P4 is waiting for R7, that is, each is waiting for the other to release a lock. This is a minimal example.

In your situation, there's no such possibility, since no two resources are ever shared by the two different processes. The only one in question at all is P4. If there's contention with P2 or P7, say, then either P4 will execute first (no problem) or else the other process with execute first, unlock the resource, and allow P4 to execute (also no problem).

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