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I am pretty new to membership classes. Please forgivwe me for asking such a fundamental question. I did a brief search but have not found the answer and I'm running out of time.

I am making use of the LoginName, LogIn and CreateUSerWizard controls.

Everything works fine except when I create a new user. The Login Name immediately changes to the show the name of the new user I created. I store the User.Identity.Name in a Session("user") at log in so I thought I could change the contents of User.Identity.Name by setting it the value of the Session variable in the ActivateStep event of the CompleteWizard Step but User.Identity.Name is read only.

How do I change the content of User.Identity.Name or change the content of LogInName after Creating a new User?

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If you're using the CreateUserWizard to create a new user, you'll need to set the LoginCreatedUser property to false.

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Thanks Richard, It worked in less than 5 minutes of applying it. Gracias! – Charles Nov 29 '12 at 14:41

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