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So, we have master, and branch X which is up to date with master, plus some more commits.

I've rebased master, changing history - squashing a few commits, rewording others.

I then try to rebase branch X with master - it seems that the rewords don't come across into branch X - they're still the old commit messages - how can I update branch Xs commit history to match master?

(Btw, it seems the squash and fixup rebases came across fine, it just seems to be the rewords).

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Could you explain in detail the sequence of commands you used. Everything from how you rebased master, to everything you did to branch X. I recently had to rebase master, and believe me it can be painful. – eddiemoya Apr 2 '13 at 0:37

If you rebased your master, branch-X is no longer up to date with master. I think the easiest way to figure this out is to use git cherry-pick.

  1. Make a new branch from master, git checkout -b branch-Y master
  2. git cherry-pick <sha> for each commit that you need from branch-X
  3. You can delete branch-X and rename branch-Y to branch-X git branch -f branch-X branch-Y; git checkout branch-X; git branch -D branch-Y

I also would suggest reading more about rebase before using it extensively: Git rebase or merge

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I need all of the commits from branch X. My problem is that when I rebase branch X with master, the reworded commits in Master don't take effect in branch X. Reading the documentation, the --merge option should take note of the renamed commits, but it does not seem to work. – user1658217 Nov 29 '12 at 13:45

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