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I have a Gallery based View with a negative spacing between elements, so that one zoomed out behind the previous, i.e. 'carousel'. Zooming and carousel effect is achieved by Camera transformation.

The problem arises when I try to click right side of foreground item and what I really get is click on item behind it (always to right of it)

Let me enumerate what I've already tried:

  1. setChildrenDrawingOrderEnabled(true);
  2. z coordinate of background item is obviously greater then foreground one
  3. getChildDrawingOrder was overridden as many ways as possible (and I found out that it doesn't play any role at all - touch events don't depend on visibility order of views)

Seems like next(right) child has greater index and therefore a priority of handling UI events, and my z-coordinate/drawing order manipulations don't change anything.

So question: how to make foreground item responsible for all click events on it?

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any solution u could share? –  Ewoks Jan 16 '13 at 14:19

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