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i try to search on web and stackoverflow but any answer is about my problem :S I have a website and now want to create new service under a path using this site. like this;
my site => my new service =>,
I have a user model on my site and authenticating with devise gem. Now i have to create new user model that name is customer. Customer and User models are completely different from each other.
How can i implement devise authentication for new Customer model?

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Is your requirement to provide central authentication for distinctly different entities, or is it closer to think about the problem as "a person comes to the site and once they have logged in, I want to authorize them to have access to specific functions." Devise (and Rails' built-in has_secure_password) both assume that a "user" is just an entity that has some sort of identifier, e.g. email, and a password, and that there are many common things this user will do in the process of registration, login, pw reset, etc -- this is authentication; what they can do afterwards is authorization. – Tom Harrison Jr Nov 29 '12 at 13:42

I think that you must use a role gem for this purpose.

You can use or

For routes you can use namespaces:

namespace :service do
 #routes here

Best Regards!

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i can imagine this routing type. But my question is about devise and multiple implemantation on single site. – user1609468 Nov 29 '12 at 22:52

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