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I'm using LightSwitch 2011 with Visual Studio 2010, I'm aware that you can change Visibility of Controls with this code:

this.FindControl("Example_Of_Control").IsVisible = False;

However, what I want instead is to assign the value, something like this:

this.FindControl("Example_Of_Control").Value = "Some text";

Is this possible, and how?

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The FindControl method only returns a proxy for the control. The proxy only has a limited number of properties that you can read/write.

You actualy shouldn't be trying to set the value of a control at all, you should just assign the value to the property that the control is bound to.

In a LightSwitch screen each control must be bound to a property. So you might have a TextBox that's bound to an entity's Price property. Instead of trying to set the value to a property of the TextBox, you should assign the value directly to the Price property instead. Because the TextBox is bound to the Price property, the control will display the newly assigned value.

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