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How can I plot a map area filled with colors and colors representing the values which are negative and positive. Colormap can only give colors to values in the range [0,1]. I want to increase the range.

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Let x be the matrix with the values you want to visualize. Then you can use imagesc for a visualization:

x = (rand(100,100)-0.5)*10; % random values between -5 and 5


Note that the colorbar is automatically adjusted to the range of date in x.

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russia = load('russia.mat'); Z = russia.map; [phi lambda] = meshgrid (Latitude, Longitude); b1 = phi > 40; b2 = phi < 80; b = b1 & b2; d1 = lambda > 50; d2 = lambda < 150; d = d1 & d2; C = b & d; lat_sel = phi (C); long_sel = lambda (C); TR4 = TR3(C); A = ones(3861,2); H = horzcat (TR4, A); gratsize = []; R = georasterref('RasterSize', size(Z), ... 'latlim',[40 80], 'lonlim', [50 150]); worldmap(Z,R) meshm(Z,R); imagesc(H); colorbar caxis([-0.0023 0.0017]) this is the code...here C is the interested area(lat/long) and TR4 is the interested parameter....can you help me in this? –  Prateek Verma Nov 29 '12 at 15:19
@PrateekVerma: Pardon me, but I did not realize that you were asking about map data. Hence, my answer will not help much for your problem. I would suggest that you put your code example into your question and I will delete my answer because it does not answer your question. –  H.Muster Nov 29 '12 at 15:35
thank you very much for your help... –  Prateek Verma Nov 29 '12 at 15:38

The simple way would be to do this:

Suppose you want to plot x

xneg(xneg>=0) = NaN;

hold all;
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it can be used to plot 2 dimensional data...but I have to plot area...it is not working for that..... –  Prateek Verma Nov 29 '12 at 14:03

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