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I need to add ability to catch event each time there is mouse hover event both on Linux and Windows. In Linux I easily connect to hovering-over-link signal. I cannot seem to find Windows equivalent. Searched google, checked the MSDN, I could not find.

Does Such a functionality available in windows? If no is there a way to achieve it?

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No one have the answer? –  Stefano Mtangoo Dec 14 '12 at 21:22

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Can you use the StatusTextChange event? This event is fired when the mouse is hovered over a link, with sText set to the link URL. It is also fired with additional messages such as when loading a page. In these cases, sText is set to "Connecting to (URL)", "Waiting for (URL)", etc. These messages can be simply ignored by doing a basic URL validation of sText.

A more involved method would be in the DocumentComplete event to search for all anchor elements using getElementsByTagName and attach to the HTMLAnchorEvents onmouseover. This of course wouldn't work for anchor elements dynamically created after page load.

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Thanks for pointing that! Now one more question, how do I do validation seeing that url may have a lot of formats (especially custom url within app like link://some/data/here/2/1)? –  Stefano Mtangoo Feb 11 '13 at 8:02

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