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I am working on one makefile let me give you quick view

vcs is tool, +incdir+<dir_path> is syntax

when i do +incdir+${$@_${seed}} its not working

${seed} is variable which I define in starting of my makefile

Regards, Vinay

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What do you mean "not working"? What does ${$@_${seed}} expand to, and what did you expect? Does the entire command work on the command line? This is in a command, right? – Beta Nov 29 '12 at 18:04
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found the resoultion it should +incdir+{$@_${seed}} ...

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Your question & answer seem very specific to your situation, which you haven't explained clearly. If the makefile target is foo, a variable seed is set to 100 and a variable foo_100 is set to the include directory path, +incdir+${$@_${seed}} works perfectly. On the other hand +incdir+{$@_${seed}} expands to +incdir+{foo_100} which would work if the include directory is named {foo_100} (which looks strange as using braces in filenames is rare). – Paddu Jul 9 '13 at 10:45

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