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I am writing a bash shell script. In there, I execute a command and save the output to a variable. The value is like this:

0x34f0020d4         4 0x434346000 test_string

How can I parse and save the value of the 3rd string (i.e. 0x434346000), assume the value is separated by space or tab?

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Here's one way using awk:

var=$(echo "$string" | awk '{ print $3 }')


echo "$var"


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Put your command which gives the above output in this fashion:

x=($(your command))
$ echo ${x[2]}

The output of the command is being stored in an array "x", and hence the index 2 of the array contains the 3rd element.

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Use the shell read command:

read first second third rest <<< "$line"
echo $third
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You can also use the cut command. echo "axbxc" | cut -f 2 -d "x" gives b

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Use an array to index values:

arr=("0x34f0020d4         4 0x434346000 test_string")
echo "${arr[2]}"
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