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I am getting crazy to make jomsocial 2.6.2 with joomla 2.5.7 to works.

The problem is that when a user change the status the message is not reflecting in the wall.

Only if you refresh the page or switch view all to me and Friends view.

There no js error in the console and i get:

Jax.submitTask ajax_1.3.js:1 ajax_1.3.js:1
joms.extend.activities.getLatestContent script-1.2.js:226
reloadActivities myaccount:1129
(anonymous function)

But no refresh anybody know how to force the wall so i can add a line after:




any tip welcome 2 days already trying...

Thanks a lot

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I can believe that it is working

I add this line at the forcing to load all status

line 255

complete: function()
  CreatorLoadingIndicator.hide();'frontpage,ajaxGetActivities', [ 'all' ])
  Status.submitting = false;
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