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In my application I have a case of two views sharing the same model.

I am having trouble when I am accessing the collection through the model and removing the model from the collection. The problem is that after calling this.model.collection.remove(this.model) the view's reference this.model is undefined.

The reason I am not unbinding the events before removing is, that I need mySecondView to be able to know about the remove event inorder to remove it's self from the DOM.

MyView = Backbone.View.extend({

    events : {
        'click .delete' : deleteModel

    initialize : function() {

        this.model.on('remove', this.dispose, this)

    deleteModel : function() {

        if( this.model.isNew() )

            this.model.collection.remove( this.model );

            //remove all the events bound to the model
            this.model.unbind(); //this.model is undefined



MySecondView = Backbone.View.extend({

    initialize : function() {

        //call the custom dispose method to remove the view
        this.model.on('remove', this.dispose, this );


myModel      = new Backbone.Model();    
myCollection = new Backbone.Collection( myModel );

myView       = new MyView({ model : myModel });
mySecondView = new MySecondView({ model : myModel });

The only way that works is by creating a local variable reference to the model in deleteModel

Any Suggestions?

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When you destroy a model it fires a destroy event that bubbles up to the collection so you shouldn't need to call this.model.collection.remove( this.model ); –  Jack Nov 29 '12 at 15:07
this is a new Model which doesn't exist on the server and just needs to be deleted on the client side. I had a typing mistake which I fixed where I was calling this.destroy instead of this.dispose. –  Daniel Nov 29 '12 at 15:15

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The problem was a programming mistake.

When calling the this.model.collection.remove( this.model ); a remove event was called on the model which was bound to the dispose method which removed any local references to the model. Hence the reference to the model was lost.

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