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I sorted through the top 12 or so questions without coming to an answer, so here's my particular state:

function someFunction( elem ){
    var someVar = elem.siblings(':input[type=radio]').attr('name');
    console.log( group );

$('my-element').on('click', $(this), someFunction );

This give me a 'Object has not method siblings' error. Originally I had the contents of somefunction inside the .on event handler as a function and things worked fine. I understand that I'm missing something with regards to how jQuery is casting $(this) about, but I'm uncertain as to what it may be. I can dump elem from inside someFunction and see the element I'm after, but I cannot manipulate it.

Any pointers?

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Looking at the docs may be beneficial. api.jquery.com/on –  Jack Nov 29 '12 at 15:11
The jQuery docs were my first stop, but thank you for the suggestion. –  jbrain Nov 29 '12 at 15:29

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function someFunction(){
    var someVar = $(this).siblings(':input[type=radio]').attr('name');
    console.log( group ); // <-- whats group??

$('my-element').on('click', someFunction);

note: my method will attach an event handler on each 'my-element'.

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This was it, thank you. I had read in the doc that jQuery passes a data object along to the event handler, though thought there was more I had to do from there. This works, thank you. –  jbrain Nov 29 '12 at 15:31

You should use bind instead.

function someFunction(){
    var someVar = $(this).siblings(':input[type=radio]').attr('name');


$('my-element').bind('click', someFunction);
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