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In my app the user is able to search for a room in a building of my universities campus via an AutoCompleteTextView.

95% of the rooms have "numbers" like "007" (digits only) but there are also some rooms with "numbers" like "007a". So the user has to have the chance to input Strings, not only numbers.

What I want is this: the user clicks the AutoCompleteTextView and the initial keyboard should display the numberpad, but with the option to switch to the layout for typing letters.

How could I accomplish that? (didn't find anything useful so far...) Thanks in advance for any help!

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I have a similar problem. I haven't solved it completely but you may get some ideas from my question. I have placed a button beside the EditText that switches the InputType of the EditText between InputType.TYPE_CLASS_NUMBER and InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT.

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