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How do you list all of the autoload paths in Rails 3?

In Rails console when I do this, it only lists the custom paths added to the config:

$ rails c
Loading development environment (Rails 3.2.9)
1.9.3p194 :001 > MyRailsApp::Application.config.autoload_paths
=> [] 
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In Rails::Engine which is included in the Rails application's module, there is the following method:

def _all_autoload_paths
  @_all_autoload_paths ||= (config.autoload_paths + config.eager_load_paths + config.autoload_once_paths).uniq

So, you could either do:

(MyRailsApp::Application.config.autoload_paths + MyRailsApp::Application.config.eager_load_paths + MyRailsApp::Application.config.autoload_once_paths).uniq


[:autoload_paths, :eager_load_paths, :autoload_once_paths].collect{|m|MyRailsApp::Application.config.send(m)}.flatten.uniq

or just:


The default result in Rails 3.2.9 is:

["/path/to/my_rails_app/app/assets", "/path/to/my_rails_app/app/controllers", "/path/to/my_rails_app/app/helpers", "/path/to/my_rails_app/app/mailers", "/path/to/my_rails_app/app/models"]

This should include all the autoload paths that were added by other gems and custom load paths.

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