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Here is the normal events order when I focus out a textbox by clicking on a button:

  1. button mouse down
  2. textbox focus out
  3. button mouse up
  4. button click

Now, let's say I add a confirm('some questions bla bla bla'); in the focus out event, here is how events are done:

  1. button mouse down
  2. textbox focus out

The button mouse up and the button click events are somehow not fired....

I tried to use a custom jQuery dialog and the last two events are still not fired.. Here's a link to the custom confirm Dialog that I used: http://tutorialzine.com/2010/12/better-confirm-box-jquery-css3/

I would like to understand how I could have the confirm dialog to show modal and then have the last two events fired.


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Show the confirm in the button click handler, not the mouse down handler. Modal dialogs suspend execution of JS and event handlers are triggered asynchronously, so the last two get skipped.

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I do not show the confirm in the mouse down handler, it is in the focus out handler. I understand they get skipped but how can I have a custom confirm modal dialog have the events triggered after the user has closed the dialog? –  Baral Nov 29 '12 at 15:49

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