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I have the following ActiveRecord call in a Rails controller ("filings#index"):

@filings = Filing.order("created_at DESC").limit(limit).offset(start).joins("LEFT OUTER JOIN companies ON companies.id=filings.company_id")

Each Filing belongs_to a Company. I would like to be able to access:


Without having to make an additional SQL query as that was the entire purpose of completing an OUTER JOIN in the first place. However when I call @filings.first.company it performs an additional query:

SELECT "companies".* FROM "companies" WHERE "companies"."id" = 989 LIMIT 1

How can I avoid this second query from taking place? Shouldn't the information already have been stored as a result of the initial query?

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Im sure this has been asked and answered here many times before. Look around for Preloading associations and includes. Filing.includes(:company) would include the company association in the results. –  John Naegle Nov 29 '12 at 15:58
look for "eager loading" –  Tom Harrison Jr Nov 29 '12 at 16:01

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You need to include the information from the database:

@filings = Filing.includes(:company).order("created_at DESC").offset(start).limit(limit)

hat tip to John Naegle and tharrison

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