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I installed the phonegap plugin NotificationEx but I get this error when trying to compile:

CDVPlugin.h file not found.

I'm using Xcode 4.5, cordova 2.2.0 and JQM 1.2.0

any idea what could be wrong?

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I think this has been answered over here: stackoverflow.com/questions/10714600/… –  ezekielDFM Nov 29 '12 at 16:10

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I had the same problem while installing the ShareKit plugin on Xcode 4.5, cordova 2.1.0 & JQM 1.2.0. The problematic block was:

#import <Cordova/CDVPlugin.h>
#import <Cordova/CDVPluginResult.h>
//#import <Cordova/JSONKit.h>

#import "CDVPlugin.h"
#import "CDVPluginResult.h"
#import "JSONKit.h"

What worked for me is commenting out the #ifdef line as well as commenting out the whole #else block.

Also, the #import <Cordova/JSONKit.h> line was already commented out in the source code that I downloaded with the plugin, so I didn't bother messing with that.

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I removed the whole #ifdef mess and

#import <Cordova/CDVPlugin.h>

made my day :)

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