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We create online ads for clients in different parts of the US. We need to use an IP address which would be in the geographic area of where the client's ads are being served for web development and testing purposes. How can this be best accomplished? Do we use a proxy server? If so, can a proxy server do this successfully? We are not trying to hide or conceal our location or activity for any reason, we just want to be able to satisfy location detection for online ads such as Google Adwords so it serves the online ads exactly how they would be presented in the given geographic area.

How does this work best? Use a commercial or free proxy server? Again, we don't have any concerns of being anonymous unless it will help emulate the needed geographic location.

Specifically, how is a proxy sever used to do this, is this something each workstation would have to change in their web browser or is this something that could be done using the server in our LAN? Thanks!

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You want to see what the client see depending on where the client is ? –  mpm Nov 29 '12 at 16:53
Yes. Because we are sometimes 2,000 miles away from the client's location. –  Edward Nov 29 '12 at 17:01

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