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I want to insert, via RJS a multiline string taken from a textarea. Doing:

$('#description').text('<%= simple_format description %>');

does not work because it will generate something like this:

$('#description').text('<p>first line
<br />second line</p>

<p>fourth line</p>');

Because the string isnt on a single line, the JS call fails. So now that simple_format formatted the string correctly, how can I have it all print on a single line in my RJS file?

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You need to JS-escape the string. – Dave Newton Nov 29 '12 at 17:18

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Try this:

$('#description').text('<%= simple_format(description).gsub("\n", "\\n").gsub("\r", "\\r").gsub("\t", "\\t").gsub("'","\\'")  %>');

This replaces the newline character with an escape sequence Javascript understands. Similarly for other characters like carriage-return and tab. Moreover it replaces the ' character which is a string delimiter character with an escape sequence for it so that a string such as "It's mine" does not cause any surprises.

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almost perfect, should have been simple_format(description).gsub("\n", "\\n").gsub("'","\\'") – Alain Nov 29 '12 at 17:32
@Alain: Thanks :-) I accidentally answered the question thinking this was an ASP.NET question and noticed the ruby-on-rails tag a few minutes later!!! During the past few minutes tried to learn enough Ruby to make it appropriate for the question, but ... Thanks :-) I will edit accordingly! – Miltos Kokkonidis Nov 29 '12 at 17:34

You could (preferably) use the built in escape_javascript() or j() methods:

$('#description').text('<%= j(simple_format(description)) %>');

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