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I know and understand Hibernate inheritance concept. I also worked on 2 enterprise Media domain projects which use Hibernate orm tool as DAO layer to interact with database.

Can anyone please clarify my doubt: how & where & why Hibernate inheritance is uses full, in real time projects because the projects where I worked we have used Hibernate Associations like one to many, many to one, many to many to save and fetch data, and other hibernate concepts, but never used Hibernate inheritance concept like Table per sub class, though we have used Oracle db, which has lot of table Parent-child relationship, through foreign key reference.

My point of doubt is How Inheritance specifically used in the context of Parent-child relationship using foreign key, do we use the Inheritance Table per sub class or Table Per concrete strategy to save and fetch the data? or Hibernate one to many mapping to save and fetch the data.

I assume in the above context through Hibernate associations like to one to many mapping is the best option to be used to fetch and save the date rather Hibernate Inheritance design, how Hibernate Inheritance particularly used under which scenario will be useful, please explain me in detail, with examples possible.

Under which scenario in terms of coding and design do we have to consider Inheritance?

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Inheritance is useful with Hibernate in the same cases where it's useful in OO in general: where you have an is-a association between a sub-entity and a base-entity.

For example, suppose you have a messaging system, where users have a one-to-many association with sent messages. And a message can be an email message, a fax message, or a tweet. All the messages inherit from a base Message class, containing the sender, the send date, and various other common fields. But each sub-entity class adds specific fields : email address, fax number, etc.)

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Nizet, would you please explain in detail, how and where it is used. – john robinson Dec 3 '12 at 17:01
I think I have already done that.Inheritance is not a Hibernate concept, it's a fundamental OO concept. Read a book about any OO language to understand what inheritance is. – JB Nizet Dec 3 '12 at 18:54

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