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I have this code

[label setText:@"ddddasdasdas" afterInheritingLabelAttributesAndConfiguringWithBlock:^ NSMutableAttributedString *(NSMutableAttributedString *mutableAttributedString) {
            [mutableAttributedString addAttribute:(NSString*)kCTForegroundColorAttributeName value:(id)[UIColor blackColor] range:NSMakeRange(0,1)];
            [mutableAttributedString addAttribute:(NSString*)kCTForegroundColorAttributeName value:(id)[UIColor redColor] range:NSMakeRange(2,3)];
            [mutableAttributedString addAttribute:(NSString*)kCTForegroundColorAttributeName value:(id)[UIColor greenColor] range:NSMakeRange(5,2)];
            return mutableAttributedString;}];

And only the first character change color but the rest of the text is not changing. Any ideas?

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2 Answers


[mutableAttributedString addAttribute:(NSString*)kCTForegroundColorAttributeName value:(id)[[UIColor blackColor] CGColor] range:NSMakeRange(0,1)];


[mutableAttributedString addAttribute:(NSString*)NSForegroundColorAttributeName value:(id)[[UIColor blackColor] CGColor] range:NSMakeRange(0,1)];
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The issue was that i need to put .CGRef on each color, my bad

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