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I'm trying to make a command that allows you to make any player invulnerable -- that is, god mode.

This is my code so far (though it's all boilerplate)

public void onEntityDamage(EntityDamageEvent event) {
    if(event.getEntity() instaceof Player) {
        if(godModed.containsKey(event.getPlayer())) {
            //This is where I need the code to go - something to cancel the damage.

godModed is a hashmap (I realize that it's an inefficient way to do it, Ibut that's not what this question is about) which contains all the players who are currently godmoded. When they turn off godmode they are removed from this hashmap.

The command iteself is working fine - I currently have it send a message to the player who triggered it, and I also have it add the player to godModed if they are not already on. However, I can't figure out how to actually... Well, god mode the player. That's what I need help with.

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You will want to use event.setCancelled(true).

If the code you have currently is working you must be using the old event API (and an old version of bukkit), I suggest you upgrade bukkit. Code using the new event API would look something like this:

public void onPlayerDamage(EntityDamageEvent event) {
    if(godModed.containsKey(event.getEntity())) {
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Sorry, I forgot to include the first line. I do have @EventHandler, just copy/pasted it wrong. Thanks for the tip though, that should work. – QPaysTaxes Nov 30 '12 at 14:48
Oh wait, I didnt see the entitydagaedevent part... XD I'll add that now. I guess I do have an old version of bukkit installed. – QPaysTaxes Dec 8 '12 at 19:54

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