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I have a MySQL db, with 2 tables, albums and photos:

albums has id and name, photos has id, album_id, photo_name.

and I have the following script:


$albumsQuery = $mysqli->query( "SELECT `album_id`, `album_name` FROM `albums` ORDER BY `album_name` ASC" );

if( isset( $_FILES["albumPhoto"] )  )
    move_uploaded_file( $_FILES["albumPhoto"]["tmp_name"], "photos/" .$_FILES["albumPhoto"]["name"] );

if( isset( $_POST["album_name"] ) )
    $uploadQuery = $mysqli->query( "INSERT INTO `photos` ( `photo_id`, `photos`.`photo_id_album`, `photos`.`photo_name` )
    VALUES ( NULL,'" . $mysqli->real_escape_string( $_POST["album_name"] ) . "','" . $mysqli->real_escape_string( $_FILES["albumPhoto"]["name"] ) . "' )" )
    or die( $mysqli->error );

    $upload = $uploadQuery->fetch_array( MYSQLI_ASSOC );

The image is uploaded on disk, but I can't get the image name on DB.

Thanks in advanced.

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Is your isset( $_POST["album_name"] ) block being called at all? –  RonaldBarzell Nov 29 '12 at 19:14
Did you try to prin $uploadQuery variable? And also check whether or not your code enter isset( $_POST["album_name"] ) block, like user1161318 said. –  mtndesign Nov 29 '12 at 19:34
it seems nothing happens went I print_r ($uploadQuery) ... –  user1864115 Nov 29 '12 at 19:43
Thanks a lot guys ... It seems that I did a typo when I wrote album_name... it was albumname... the name of the <select> –  user1864115 Nov 29 '12 at 19:53

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I wrote some code while you answered your own question so I'll just post it anyway:

$albumsQuery = $mysqli->query('SELECT album_id, album_name FROM albums ORDER BY album_name');

// assume image not uploaded
$imagePath = null;

// if a photo is being uploaded
if (isset($_FILES["albumPhoto"])) {
    $source = $_FILES["albumPhoto"]["tmp_name"];
    $target = sprintf('photos/', $_FILES["albumPhoto"]["name"]);

    // try to move the file
    $move = move_uploaded_file($source, $target);
    if ($move !== true) {
        throw new Exception('Could not move the uploaded file: ' . $_FILES["albumPhoto"]["name"]);

// attach the image to the specified album
if (isset($_POST["album_name"])) {
    $stmt = 'INSERT INTO photos (photo_id_album, photo_name)
             VALUES (?, ?)';
    $stmt->bind_param('ss', $albumName, $photoName);

    // values of bound variables
    $albumName = $_POST["album_name"];
    $photoName = $_FILES["albumPhoto"]["name"];

    // insert the record

Also, it's not a good idea to use the original filename as users might want to upload multiple files with the same name into the same album over the time. Consider using hashes or prepending the album id to the file name.

And add a few more error checks!

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I tried your code but it does not work : –  humphrey Feb 8 '13 at 9:28

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