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Can anyone explain why the click handler is not invoked consistently in this example?

For instance, if you click in the upper left half of the div, it does not reliably increment the counter.

If I remove the padding-top from this block it works just fine:

.click-check:active {
   padding-top: 25px;

I have tested this in a number of different browsers and it behaves the same way.

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I found two possible issues with your code. You can view the fixes here:

CSS Box Model vs jQuery Box Model

Whenever you click on the top half of your box, you aren't technically clicking on .click-check, you are actually clicking on .count. This image shows the location of .count relative to .click-check:

The highlighted area is the area of <code>.count</code>

jQuery counts this as a click on .click-check, but CSS doesn't. The number increments, but the CSS "active" effect isn't applied.

You can resolve this by removing the .count div and placing everything inside of .click-check.

jQuery Counter

The second issue is with your jQuery code. The code currrently reads:

$('.click-check').click(function() { $('.count').html(count++); });

count isn't increased until after this line is done. This means that the first click appears to have no effect.

This line will increment count, then display it to the user:

$('.click-check').click(function() { $('.click-check').html(++count); });

I've applied both updates to your example here:


An alternate way to resolve the issue is to do everything through jQuery. This synchronizes all of the appearance and logic into a single box-model interpretation.

var count=0;
$('.click-check').mousedown(function() { 

    }, 50);


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Thank you for that, it is very helpful! You will notice, though, that even with your suggested changes, there is a place just below the text where you can click and the number will not increment. – Linden Melvin Nov 29 '12 at 19:55
@LindenMelvin: How strange! It looks like it works fine in IE and Firefox, but it doesn't work in Chrome. It looks like there's a workaround: if you use the mouseup or mousedown functions instead of click, then it works better. – Chris Nov 29 '12 at 20:10
Thanks guys for this question/answer. Weird issue. Probably caused by nature of click event, since onClick will only trigger when the left mouse button is pressed and released on the same object – Jun 4 '13 at 21:27
btw, here's good article explaining similar issue. – Jun 4 '13 at 21:48

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