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I have a document in MongoDB of the form:

{"_id" : 1, "value" : { "listOfNumbers" : [2,3,4]}}

I can't seem to figure out, how to insert a new number into the "listOfNumbers". I found:

db.collection.update({_id:1}, {listOfNumbers : 8})

This only works if the above document would be of the form (a document without a sub document):

{"_id" : 1, "listOfNumbers" : [2,3,4]}

I tried playing around with all sorts of combinations, but none worked as expected. Would anybody know the solution to this problem?

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You should use the following syntax :

db.collection.update({_id:1}, {$push:{'value.listOfNumbers' : 8}})

It will push the value 8 in your array listOfNumbers

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