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i'm using : ASPxComboBox

problem is how to set selectedvalue from code behind? if my html like this :

<dxe:ASPxComboBox ID="cbxJobType" runat="server" width="200px" MaxLength="50">
                        <dxe:ListEditItem Text="Contract" Value="0" />
                        <dxe:ListEditItem Text="Full Time" Value="1" />
                        <dxe:ListEditItem Text="Part Time" Value="2" />
                    <ValidationSettings ErrorDisplayMode="ImageWithTooltip">
                        <RequiredField ErrorText="Required Value" IsRequired="True" />
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Why don't you contact DX directly? –  Mikhail Nov 29 '12 at 20:53

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Client - Side

Give ClientInstanceName property to cbxJobType to access it client side.

 // by text
    comboBox.SetText('Text #2');
    // by value
    comboBox.SetValue('Value #2');
    // by index


// by text
cbxJobType.Text = "Text #2";
// by value
cbxJobType.Value = "Value #2";
// by index
cbxJobType.SelectedIndex = 1; 

This code works fine too:

cbxJobType.SelectedItem = cbxJobType.Items.FindByValue("Value #2");
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You can either:

  • Set the ASPxComboBox.SelectedIndex property;

  • Select the required Item by its Value via the ASPxComboBox.Value property:

Code Behind:

cbxJobType.SelectedIndex = 0;
cbxJobType.Value = "0";
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On the client side, I found there is the equivalent of Ruchi's suggestion:

cbxJobType.SelectedItem = cbxJobType.Items.FindByValue("Value #2");

Which is:

cbxJobType.SetSelectedItem(cbxJobType.FindItemByValue("Value #2"));
// or
cbxJobType.SetSelectedItem(cbxJobType.FindItemByText("Text #2"));

Go here to learn more about the ASPxComboBox on the client side (ASPxClientComboBox).

Go here to learn more about the ASPxComboBox on the server side.

There you can browse through all their members, constructors, events and methods.

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