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In coco2d game, update function is call every 1/60 of second.


update: function (dt) { }

The score Label is

  var scoreLabel = cc.LabelTTF.create("0", "fantasy", 20, cc.size(0, 0), cc.TEXT_ALIGNMENT_LEFT);
    scoreLabel.setPosition(cc.p(winSize.width - 80, winSize.height));
    scoreLabel.schedule(function () {
        var showingScore = parseInt(scoreLabel.getString());
        if (showingScore < b2.getUserScore()) {
            scoreLabel.setString((showingScore + 5)
    this.addChild(scoreLabel, 5);

How often is the scoreLabel being updated? How do you setup a timer to update every 2 seconds for the scoreLabel?

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You can setup a schedule for this :

-(void) schedule:  @SEL(selector)  interval:  ccTime  ;

selector : your function that you want to update . interval : time interval between each update .

you could once initialize Label then in a function (for example "Update Label") change it's attributes .

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