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I am need of a plugin for a web based app using appMobi with jqMobi as the framework. I need to be able to read UPC codes while do a barcode scan. I can get it work flawlessly with Android, but am not able to use my current code to work with IOS. Does anyone know of a plugin for appMobi, jqMobi, or a way in java-script to get this work?

I have researched a great deal and have came across a few suggestions of implementing another barcode app from the App Store like pic2shop, but can not seem to get it work. Just wondering if anyone has successively created a plugin for jqMobi would be great? Thanks for any help.

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appMobi has an API for that, see: http://www.appmobi.com/documentation/jsAPI/device/scanBarcode/index.html

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I am aware of how to use the Barcode Scanning function, but in IOS it does now scan UPS Codes (1D codes). It only will scan a QR Code. –  jmoon1630 Nov 29 '12 at 20:52

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