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How do i edit file without unzipping archive, reason is i am writing automation task, I can do unzip, edit file and zip it, But it would be good if i can do it in runtime so it will save time to unzip/zip.

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Duplicate question. You can't do that see below: stackoverflow.com/questions/6334037/… –  Boris Pavlovic Nov 29 '12 at 19:58

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The zip man page provides a -u option to update a zip archive. You can use it like so:

zip -u bigzip.zip file/to/update1 file/to/update2 ...

It won't be instant, but it will be a lot faster. If I create a sample 200MB zip file:

mkdir source
for (( f = 0; f < 200; f++ )); do
    head -c 1000000 /dev/random > source/${f}
zip -0r bigzip.zip source

then unzipping, editing one file, and rezipping takes about 9s on my machine:

unzip bigzip.zip
head -c 1000000 /dev/random > source/3
zip -0r bigzip.zip source

but it takes only about 3s to call zip -u.

mkdir source
head -c1000000 /dev/random > source/3
zip -u bigzip.zip source/3
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