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For Chrome and Mozilla, mainly,

is there a way to clear the cookies and the cache from command line on Mac and Linux?

When I'm developping, frequently I have to clear the cache and cookies, I would like a simply or automatic way to do this.

Someone can help?

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I would write a simply perl script that would just delete all of the files from dirtecty x and y which would indicate where the cookis are located.

use strict;
my $deletedir = '/tmp/test1';
my $result = system("rm -rf $deletedir");
print "Result: $result\n";
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Looks like a good idea. But clean cookies/cache is same as delete a folder content? If yes, the only thing I need is find the Chrome and Firefox directories^^ –  GarouDan Nov 29 '12 at 20:00

You would need to do this inside the browser (file changes can't be reliable unless the browser is not running). No need for special software, just a separate browser profile and the standard "clear my data" menu item.

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Here is a way to clear cookies and cache data from the command line for Firefox on the Mac:

# A script to clear out Firefox data from the command line.
# MIT License <http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT>

src="$HOME/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles"

declare -a files_to_delete=(places.sqlite places.sqlite-shm places.sqlite-wal downloads.sqlite formhistory.sqlite search-metadata.json search.json search.sqlite cookies.sqlite cookies.sqlite-shm cookies.sqlite-wal signons.sqlite sessionstore.bak sessionstore.js)

declare -a directories_to_delete=(Cache OfflineCache)

# enable for loops over items with spaces

# loop through browser profiles and delete certain files
for dir in `ls "$src/"`
    if [ -d "$src/$dir" ]; then
        for item in "${files_to_delete[@]}"
            if [ -f "$src/$dir/$item" ]; then
                rm "$src/$dir/$item"
                echo "deleting: $src/$dir/$item"
        for item in "${directories_to_delete[@]}"
            if [ -d "$src/$dir/$item" ]; then
                rm -r "$src/$dir/$item"
                echo "deleting: $src/$dir/$item"

Note: as this script uses the $HOME variable for the source (src) directory for where your Firefox Profiles directory resides, make sure to run this script as the user who owns the Firefox Profiles directory... (i.e. don't run this script as root...)

Also note: it may be a good idea to back up your existing Firefox profile before running this script!

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