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I use XCopy with exclude list which looks like


and the XCopy command

SET exludedPaths=%cd%\Settings\excluded_paths.txt
SET projectDir=%cd%\MyFolder
SET outputDir=%cd%\Drops\
XCOPY /S %projectDir% %outputDir%\ /EXCLUDE:%exludedPaths%

All works fine, but I want to ignore xml-files from another one directory (only xml-files), something like this

\anotherdirectory\*.xml <-it doesn't work.

How I can specify the last line in excluded list or it isn't possible ?

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Yep.Exclude does not support wildcards.

pushd cs\log\anotherdirectory
for /f %%f in (dir /b *.xml) do (
   echo %%~ff >> %exludedPaths%

this should list all files in anotherdirectory into the excluded list

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