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Using VBScript, I'm getting unintentional single quotes for initPeriod in my export file name with the following

initperiod = datepart("YYYY",Date) & strMonth

""Export_File:C:\GrabIt\Test\{Command.idxnum}\{Command.idxnum}_DriverPage_""" & initPeriod & """_YTD.pdf""

Result is 11_DriverPage_'201210'_YTD.pdf

How do I remove the single quotes from initPeriod?

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I'm unclear what the second line is doing. Could you clarify? For example, what is Export_File? –  David Nov 29 '12 at 20:41

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I'm assuming you want quotes around the entire exportfile line. In that case, it looks like you are missing a quote at each end. I'm also guessing that you probably don't want quotes around the value of initPeriod, where you have used too many. In that case, it should be:

"""Export_File:C:\GrabIt\Test\{Command.idxnum}\{Command.idxnum}_DriverPage_" & initPeriod & "_YTD.pdf"""

Or if you don't want quotes around the whole thing:

"Export_File:C:\GrabIt\Test\{Command.idxnum}\{Command.idxnum}_DriverPage_" & initPeriod & "_YTD.pdf"

Keep in mind that "" inside a string means a quote char will be included in the string. A string set = "" is an empty string.

If that's not it, you'll need to post exactly what outcome you are trying to achieve.

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