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Anyone can help me this?
i have two tables, they are linked by student_id.
im looking for a more cleaner/single query that can output the sample below,
although i achieved this by inserting another query(with group_concat for the subjects)
inside the while loop query for the section and name.

student_id, section, name

student_id, subject

now i want the output to be like this.

student_id    section    name    subject  
100           A          john    algebra, trigo, geometry  
101           A          peter   trigo, geometry,  
102           B          alice   literature, algebra  
103           B          james   trigo 

thank you in advance.

by the way, i forgot to give some more details, in my subjects table, the subjects is per row, like this

student_id    subject  
    100       algebra  
    100       tigo  
    100       geometry  
    101       trigo
    101       geometry
    102       literature
and so on.....  
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Sorry, had to make an edit. I think that is what you were looking for. –  JPR Nov 29 '12 at 20:51
thanks for all the quick responses.. –  ytse_jam Nov 29 '12 at 21:22

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stud.section, stud.name, group_concat(subj.subject, '') 
FROM table_students stud 
JOIN table_subjects subj 
ON stud.student_id = subj.student_id 
GROUP BY stud.name
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hi JPR, your answer is very well working, i just had to add "as subs" SELECT stud.section, stud.name, group_concat(subj.subject, '') as subs FROM table_students stud, thanks you. JOIN table_subjects subj ON stud.student_id = subj.student_id GROUP BY stud.name –  ytse_jam Nov 29 '12 at 21:21
Glad I could help. –  JPR Nov 29 '12 at 21:31

Try this MySQL Query:

SELECT stu.section, stu.name, sub.subject 
FROM table_students stu, table_subject sub 
WHERE stu.student_id=sub.student_id 
GROUP BY stu.section

Should do exactly what you need. Selects the relevant data by student_id in both tables, then specifies which fields to return. Finally, grouping them by section.

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What i understood from your post is, that you execute this query in a loop on every iteration when you get a new ID. Thats an overkill for the database. You should minimize the interaction with the databse. So the right approach would be the following:

$qBegin = "SELECT stu.section, stu.name, sub.subject 
           FROM table_students stu, table_subject sub 
$qEnd = " GROUP BY stu.section";

foreach $id
   $qBegin .= " stu.student_id=".$id." OR ";

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yes, that's my current query right now, for each student_id, there's another query for the subjects. thats why im seeking for help which can improve or correct the one i did. im currently testing all your answers for now. –  ytse_jam Nov 29 '12 at 20:46

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