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What are the key things to consider when looking for a video card to be used with C++ AMP? I can't afford a high end compute dedicated GPU or workstation GPU so I'm looking at cards in the sub $600 range. I can find plenty of reviews for game performance but I'm more interested in in the compute performance. What characteristics should I be looking at to evaluate capability of a video card? Thanks for the help!

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Basically, except the workstation GPUs, the ultimate version GPU of latest series is the best choice for you, such as NVIDIA GTX 680. It has newest architecture to support many features for general-purpose computing, it also has most cores, highest memory and band-width, etc.

The characteristics of GPU you need to focus on depend what exact type of computing you need to do. For example, more core means you can do more complex calculations. Higher video memory means you could store more input or output data on your video card without transferring them via the bus every time. And if you a lot of data to process but the calculation is relatively simple, then the bandwidth is most important for you.

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