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I need to build a grammer containing a cross reference, which may be invalid, i.e. points to a nonexisting target. A file containing such a reference should not yield an error, but only a warning. The generator would handle this as as a special case.

How can I do this with XText?

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It's not possible to create valid cross references to non-existing targets in EMF.

I would suggest to go with EAttributes instead of EReferences:

  • Change the feature=[EClass|ID] by feature=ID in {YourDSL} grammar.
  • Provide a scope calculation utility like it's done in *scope_EClass_feature(context, reference)* method in the {YourDSL}ScopeProvider class. As this scoping methods simply use the eType of the given reference the reimplementation should be straightforward.
  • Use this scope calculation utility in {YourDSL}ProposalProvider to propose values for the introduced EAttribute.
  • Optionally you can use this utility in a validation rule to add a warning/info to this EAttribute if it's not "valid".
  • Finally use the utility in your generator to create output based on valid target eObjects.
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