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I have two patches that I'd like to merge in mercurial. Sadly, I deleted the branch from which I exported these patches. Can you guys please suggest a way to merge the two patches?

I am using Mercurial 2.0.2 on a ubuntu 12.04 box.

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What's stopping you from doing a separate commit for each patch? – Stephen Rasku Nov 29 '12 at 21:54
Nothing is stopping me, but, I wish to submit that patch to an open source project, so I thought, it would be clean to send just one patch instead of a lot of them. – kan Nov 29 '12 at 22:10

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If you have the patches as patch files you can just apply them on top of each other and generate a patch based on the result:

$ patch -p0 < patch1
$ patch -p0 < patch2
$ hg diff > cumulative.patch

The patch level, -p0, may be different depending on how your patches are structured.

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If you have MQ enabled, and assuming you start with an empty patch queue:

> hg qimport patch1        # Import & apply the first patch into a patch queue
> hg qimport patch2        # Import & apply the second patch into a patch queue
> hg qpop;                 # Pop the second patch (unapply)
> hg qfold patch2          # Fold the second patch into the first (result is called 'patch1')
> hg qexport > new_merged_patch

You can then either:

> hg qfinish -a            # Convert the currently applied patches (e.g. patch1) to changesets)


> hg qpop                  # Pop the merged patch
> hg qdel patch1           # Delete it from the queue

To be honest, using MQ for this is overkill, but it's a useful extension to know.

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