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Remove leading and trailing zeros from multidimensional list in Python

if I have a list such as:

my_list = [[1,2,0,1], [1,0,0,1]]

I want to split this at the zeros and throw them away, so that I end up with something like:

my_list = [[[1, 2], [1]], [[1],[1]]]

Any help much appreciated.

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This is very straight forward, if you looked at the answer to one of your other questions that uses itertools.groupby(). –  Akavall Nov 29 '12 at 20:54

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Divide an conquer, you can use a list comprehension to transform it to a simpler problem

def split_a_list_at_zeros(L):
    return the_split_list

my_list = [split_a_list_at_zeros(item) for item in my_list]

and Akavall gives a great hint to split the list

from itertools import groupby
def split_a_list_at_zeros(L):
    return [list(g) for k, g in groupby(L, key=lambda x:x!=0) if k]
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Having the nested list as input is a little overly specific, but this function will split a list of numbers based on another number, using the exact same style as string.split()

def nsplit(number_list,key):
    return [map(ord,x) for x in s.split(chr(key))]

print nsplit([1,2,0,1],0)

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