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I am pulling content from an RSS feed, and then using jquery to format and edit the rss feed (string) that is returned. I am using replace to replace strings and characters like so:

var spanish = $("#wod a").text();
var newspan = spanish.replace("=","-");
$("#wod a").text(newspan);

This works great. I am also trying to remove all text after a certain point. Similar to truncation, I would like to hide all text starting from the word "Example". In this particular RSS feed, the word example is in every feed. I would like to hide "example" and all text the follows that word. How would I accomplish this with jQuery?

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Though there is not enough jQuery, you even don't need it to remove everything after a certain word in the given string. The first approach is to use substring:

var new_str = str.substring(0, str.indexOf("Example"));

The second is a trick with split:

var new_str = str.split("Example")[0];
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the split method seems to work just great! –  JCHASE11 Nov 29 '12 at 21:07
How would I wrap example and everything after that in a div? –  JCHASE11 Nov 29 '12 at 21:09
@JCHASE11 Something like that: $("div").text(function(i, val) { return val.split("Example")[0]; });. –  VisioN Nov 29 '12 at 21:11

jQuery isn't intended for string manipulation, you should use Vanilla JS for that:

newspan = newspan.replace(/example.*$/i, "");

The .replace() method accepts a regular expression, so in this case I've used /example.*$/i which does a case-insensitive match against the word "example" followed by zero or more of any other characters to the end of the string and replaces them with an empty string.

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If you also want to keep "Example" and just remove everything after that particular word, you can do:

var str = "aaaa1111?bbb&222:Example=123456",
    newStr = str.substring(0, str.indexOf('Example') + 'Example'.length);

// will output: aaaa1111?bbb&222:Example
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