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I have a problem working with Skype4Com under IIS7. The code is simple:

Skype skype = new Skype();

Command cmd = new Command();
cmd.Command = "CHATMESSAGE #chatname/someid test";

It works if executed as a console app or from aspx page under IISExpress but doesn't work if the page runs under normal IIS 7.

I'm setting Enable 32-bit applications to true, i'm setting Identity for the pool to my current user account. I'm even used WindowsImpersonationContext and executed the code within the context but nothing helps:



Fails with error

Wait timeout

I saw a couple of similar issues posted here and there orver the internet but found no solution. Have anybody experiences the same problem?

Thanks in advance

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Are you running this code on a shared webhost? They might be blocking all outbound connections. –  Dai Nov 29 '12 at 21:12
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