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Is it possible via any configuration option to tell JavaScript's XMLSerializer not to collapse empty tags into self-closing tags? I'm feeding an xml string into the xml parser then reserializing it after making modifications to the tree, but where I have an explicit closing tag in the input, this is collapsed to a self-closing tag in the output which is causing problems.

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Had so much hope on this question. Same problem here, collapsed textarea (Ajax4JSF) used in outerHTML = "xxxx" is completely messing everything. – Michael Laffargue Nov 26 '14 at 15:07

Well couldn't find anything but since I was using JQuery I used this :

$('<div>').append( $(mynode).clone() ).html();

instead of

new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(mynode);

JQuery version didn't go with self-closing tags.

Note : My problem was only with IE11 so I used :

if (, "ActiveXObject") && !window.ActiveXObject && window.jQuery) {
  // is IE11 && Jquery
  $('<div>').append( $(newnode).clone() ).html();
} else {
  oldnode.outerHTML = new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(newnode);
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