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Not sure how reason about this run-time error:

hdr or err: too few bytes
From:   demandInput

from the following:

module Main (main) where

import GHC.Word
import qualified Data.ByteString as BS
import Data.Serialize
import Data.Serialize.Get
import Data.Serialize.Put

data Header =
  Header { ty      :: Word8
         , len     :: Word16
         } deriving (Show)

instance Serialize Header where
  put (Header ty len) = do
    putWord8 ty
    putWord16be len
  get = do
    ty  <- getWord8    >>= return . fromIntegral
    len <- getWord16be >>= return . fromIntegral
    return (Header ty len)

main :: IO ()
main = do
  let bs = encode (Header 1 2)
  let str = case (runGet get bs) of
        Left err -> err
        Right fr -> fr
  putStrLn $ "hdr or err: " ++ str
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let str = case (runGet get bs) of
        Left err -> err
        Right fr -> fr

The inferred type of fr here is String, since that's the type of err and the alternatives of a case expression must have the same type. Therefore, it's using the Serialize instance for String to decode the result, which is obviously not what you intended.

To fix this, first add show to convert the decoded result to a string instead of forcing it to be a string itself. Then, add a type annotation to resolve the now-ambiguous type of fr.

let str = case (runGet get bs) of
        Left err -> err
        Right fr -> show (fr :: Header)
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