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I have a search in place that finds all 3 matching categories, all 2 categories, and all 1 categories like the below.

def self.three_matching_cat(rel)
  cats = {|p| p.category_id}
  self.where(:category_id => cats).group(:name).having("count(*) >2").map {|p|}    

What I want to do is limit the total number of results to 10, but want to make sure that all the results with 3 matching categories returned and to only continue searching until a total of 10 results are found.

Thank you!

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So what I ended up doing is just added up all the arrays and then sliced it. ie:

(a + b + c)[0,10].uniq
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I've used this approach to solve this type of problem in the past but I'm still curious about a better way to do this. – Ashitaka Dec 9 '12 at 3:05

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